Best Motherboard For Gaming


How to pick a motherboard for gaming. Comparison between best motherboard for i9 9900k, best motherboard for ryzen 7 3700x, best motherboard for ryzen 7 2700x and many others

Best motherboard for i9 9900k

While it’s relatively easy with today’s technology to create your own computer; knowing how to choose a motherboard for i9 9900k is critical to putting together a unique pc that most closely fits your own unique needs.

Building your own computer can mean saving money and also building a custom specified system – it means getting exactly what you would like. All computer components are important (the computer can’t run without them) but the best motherboard for i9 9900k may be a vital a part of your computing system and you would like to possess a transparent understanding of what you would like , why you would like it, and the way what you’ve selected affects the operation of the pc once built. You would like to understand the way to select the simplest motherboard for your computer.

All components in your computing system hook up with the motherboard; it’s the key component and thus you would like to know it. For the needs of this text, we’ll assume that you simply are building your own computer instead of replacing the motherboard in an existing computing system. But in either case, learning what to seem for and the way the motherboard affects the performance of your computer is vital .

First, consider which CPU you’ll be using. For instance, Intel and AMD CPUs both use different motherboards because each uses a special socket type. Then, you furthermore may got to understand the processor speed; your motherboard must support the chosen CPU. With the rapid technology changes in today’s environment, there are a good sort of socket types in use.

Processors wont to have an equivalent number of pins, with technology driving fast changes, the motherboards sockets need more pins to supply more power and support new features. New processors are beginning to put the pins on the socket rather than the CPU, allowing easier set-up. You want to match the proper CPU (and socket type) to the proper motherboard. The CPU needs the socket to speak with motherboard components through the chipset.

The CPU drives the choice on which chipset to shop for and use. A quick chipset allows efficient data transfers and power management; the chipset controls all the communication between CPU, the memory, and therefore the local bus. There are two major parts of the chipset: the north bridge and therefore the south bridge. The CPU also uses the north bridge to speak with the south bridge. The north bridge is closer to the CPU and faster; the south bridge is beyond the CPU and slower.

The bus may be a circuit through which data is transmitted; it connects parts of the motherboard. Bus size is vital because size, or width, determines what proportion data are often transmitted. Bus speed, measured in MHz, has relevancy when selecting a motherboard. Speed determines the components communication speed and data transfer; therefore a quick bus speed allows fast data transfer and faster running applications.

The circuit connecting the CPU to the north bridge is that the Front Side Bus (FSB). The highest end of FSB speed is 1666 MHz – the upper, the faster and, typically, the costlier. Speed is evolving and being upgraded with new technology, not simply because faster is best but to synchronize with demand for speed from upgraded and new applications. like most equipment and technology, the slowest component are going to be a speed bottleneck for the entire OS – with a slow FSB speed, your computer also will operate at slow speed.

When selecting your motherboard you would like to think about memory and the way much memory you would like for your computing system. Unless you’re a gamer, or do tons of graphics or video work, 2 GB of RAM should be enough.

Most motherboards today accompany a minimum of two memory slots, and lots of accompany four. To make sure you’ve got enough expandable memory capacity for the longer term (even if you begin with 2 GB of RAM), buy a motherboard with 4 slots.

Other considerations when selecting the motherboard for your computer build are the peripherals, like keyboard, mouse, printer, flash drive, drive and camera. If you propose on adding additional cards (such as graphics card, wireless network card, sound card), you’ll need enough PCI slots to handle the peripherals.

Most motherboards have four USB slots and two more that hook up with the USB ports on the case. You furthermore may got to consider the battery (you’ll likely got to change the battery in your motherboard every four to five years – if you retain your computer that long) and therefore the preloaded BIOS (which boots up your computer.

Best motherboard for ryzen 7 3700x

AMD has long had a passion for gaming services instilled in them that made them put out variety of processors that were very widely praised. The Ryzen 7 3700X dawned into a really new generation of AMD’s CPU architecture, Zen 2. And with its 8 cores, the 3700X has become one among the foremost popular CPUs within the 8 core line-up.

AMD has allowed the gaming community to usher into a replacement age of powerful computing power with their 3rd Generation lineup of CPUs. And with their over the highest single-core and multi-core performance, the 3rd Generation of AMD CPUs are ideal for not just gaming but rendering also. Having spent the bucks on your newly acquired Ryzen 3700X, the question arises, which motherboard are going to be the perfect one?

However, the marketplace for motherboards is crowded and may easily confuse your average Joe. Fret not, because we are here to assist you navigate through the gang and assist you in picking out the right fit you. starting from overclocking support and VRM quality to I/O ports and plain old aesthetics, all relevant factors must be kept in mind. So let’s not delay this any longer and obtain right into it.

Best motherboard for ryzen 7 2700x

There is no denying that AMD has managed to form a reputation for themselves ever since they returned the market with the Ryzen series of their processors. After the successful launch of the primary generation of Ryzen, the corporate released the 2nd generation of Ryzen processors that were alleged to tackle the problems that were faced within the first generation of the Ryzen processors.

With that said, the 2nd generation of Ryzen processors are making a wave within the market, and if you’re looking to shop for one, the thing that you simply got to know here is that with numerous options available, you’re getting to got to buy an honest motherboard.

Especially if you’re looking to shop for the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700x, therein case, you’re getting to need an honest motherboard that goes well with the processor, and allows you to use it to the utmost potential.

That is why during this article, we are getting to be watching a number of the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 2700X. This roundup goes to be really helpful for those that are looking to shop for an honest motherboard. no matter the Ryzen

Best motherboard for ryzen 5 3600

Best motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600 is perhaps the simplest bang for the buck CPU you’ll get immediately . It’s great for games, even high end gaming, and excellent for productivity tasks. It comes with a capable cooler, and doesn’t require an upscale motherboard to figure to its limits.

Sure, you’ll need fast memory to use its full potential but there’s many affordable DDR4 sticks on the market that employment at 3200 MHz. So, don’t worry about spending many cash on RAM. When it involves the best motherboard for Ryzen 5 3600 , we said you don’t need a beast to run the Ryzen 5 3600. Any quality board will do exactly fine.

The CPU is rated at 65 W TDP. this suggests you don’t need to worry about top-of-the-line VRM (voltage regulating module) or a bunch of additional features when buying a board to couple with the Ryzen 5 3600. But that doesn’t mean to urge the primary board on the search queue. There’s many quality boards out there that don’t cost a fortune.

Best b450 motherboard

Ryzen is that the name of AMD’s CPUs for desktop PCs supported the Zen architecture. The Zen server CPUs are called Epyc.

The first generation started in 2017 with several notable successes that made the previous years with the bulldozer blasphemy forget. Above all, the more cores compared to the competition provided a replacement boost within the desktop PC market. AMD Ryzen believe the AM4 socket, which supports DDR4. All previous CPUs are pin-compatible.

The best b450 motherboard 2018, AMD followed up with the second generation. The Ryzen 2000 brought more clock speed because of 12nm manufacturing and internal improvements that further closed the gap to Intel.

In July 2019 the third generation was launched. The Ryzen 3000 were for the primary time faster than Intel at an equivalent clock speed. Including a plus of cores with advanced 7 nm production, there was now no way around some models.

Additionally to 12 cores for the AM4 socket, 16 cores were also added, in order that the mid-range platform offers performance previously only found within the high-end segment.

The year 2020 marks the start of the Ryzen 4000, the primary model to be introduced in notebook computers, the code name for the APU is Renoir. AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are in many cases an inexpensive alternative to Intel CPUs and are especially fashionable gamers.

The price/performance ratio is sweet and teething troubles with the platform are largely ironed out. When producing an AMD PC, it’s important to seek out the proper motherboard. Its main component is that the chipset, and AMD currently offers mainboard manufacturers six different chipsets.

The chipsets are divided into three classes. Consistent with AMD the “A” chipsets form the beginner class and therefore the “B” chipsets the center class. The X series is aimed toward particularly demanding users. Three generations of the chips are currently available. the primary generation from 2017 includes the “300s”, i.e. A320, B350 and X370.

The second generation with the models B450(Best b450 motherboard) and X470 was launched by AMD in 2018. Then in 2019 the third generation appeared, represented by the present top model, the X570. it’s AMD’s first self-developed chipset for the Ryzen CPUs, the previous ones came from AS Media.

Best motherboard for ryzen 5 2600

Best motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600 remains one among the foremost popular mid-end processors for gaming. If you’re building a system which will bring out the highest performance features of this processor, it’s essential to accompany that with an equally good motherboard. Since the Ryzen 5 2600 CPU is unlocked, you would like a motherboard with either X470 or B450 chipset if you would like to overclock the additional features.

There is little question there are several motherboards available to you for this purpose. But the foremost difficult part is selecting the proper one that really matches. If you decide on the incorrect motherboard that’s not at par, it’ll affect performance. Thereupon in mind, we’ve compiled an inventory of 5 best motherboards for Ryzen 5 2600. These B450 motherboards are the simplest in performance due to several reasons we are getting to discuss below.

Here are the highest 5 that made the list.MSI AMD X470 motherboard offers superior performance with a high-resolution scalable front and an identical award-winning BIOS. It supports AMD Crossfire and steel Armor PCI-E slots. If you would like to possess one among the simplest online gaming experiences, this motherboard will support you with good bandwidth management and lowest latency.Home5 Best Motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600

Ryzen 5 2600 remains one among the foremost popular mid-end processors for gaming. If you’re building a system which will bring out the highest performance features of this processor, it’s essential to accompany that with an equally good motherboard. Since the Ryzen 5 2600 CPU is unlocked, you would like a motherboard with either X470 or B450 chipset if you would like to overclock the additional features.

AMD GIGABYTE B450 AORUS PRO WIFI * If you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

There is little question there are several motherboards available to you for this purpose. But the foremost difficult part is selecting the proper one that really matches. If you decide on the incorrect motherboard that’s not at par, it’ll affect performance. thereupon in mind, we’ve compiled an inventory of 5 best motherboards for Ryzen 5 2600. These B450 motherboards are the simplest in performance due to several reasons we are getting to discuss below.

MSI AMD X470 motherboard offers superior performance with a high-resolution scalable front and an identical award-winning BIOS. It supports AMD Crossfire and steel Armor PCI-E slots. If you would like to possess one among the simplest online gaming experiences, this motherboard will support you with good bandwidth management and lowest latency.

There are many other features of the MSI gaming motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600 we’d like to speak about here. One among those features is that the optimized power design and premium layout, which give better performance and support more Cores. The Nahimic feature offers an audio boost. It offers high sound grade quality for a very immersive gaming experience.

It provides support for both 1st and 2nd generation Ryzen processors also as support for DDR4-3466 OC memory. With this gaming motherboard, you’re certainly getting to give that processor a performance boost. The motherboard also provides support for USB 3.1 GEN2, Store MI, also as TURBO M.2 connections.

The BIOS of this model comes with high-resolution scalable fronts with search and favorite functions. It offers you tons of customizable options to make the foremost enjoyable gaming features.

The MSI gaming AMD motherboard also supports AMD Crossfire and has multi-GPU functions with armor PCIe slots. Overall, it’s a well-built motherboard with all the required features to ensure en enjoyable gaming experience. Moreover, it’s cheaper than many other options that provide similar features. That’s why it made this list.

Best Motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600Well, whenever hardware experts are talking about motherboards without mentioning the ASUS brand, that discussion isn’t complete. The ASUS motherboard has actually carved a distinct segment within the industry. The brand reached this enviable height due to its knack for quality and performance.

This ASUS ROG X470-F gaming motherboard follows an equivalent manufacturing rigorousness. If you’re trying to find a reasonable, but high-performing motherboard, we’ll advise you to think about this feature. It comes with a far better VRM than many other motherboards within the market

Gigabyte motherboard needs no introduction within the hardware world. The brand has produced a number of the simplest brands of motherboards. This B450 AORUS M deserves an area on this list due to its top-performing features. When it involves performance and affordability, it’s the board for Ryzen 5 2600 immediately. Moreover, the motherboard is sort of affordable compared to the features it provides.

Here is another model of the Gigabyte brand of motherboards that gives complete configuration for the Ryzen 5 2600 processors. The Gigabyte B450 Pro Wifi motherboard may be a bit almost like the previous model above. However, it comes with additional features, which makes it better.

There are features you’ll be ready to upgrade afterward, unlike the previous model. This Gigabyte Pro Wifi motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600 has RGB fusion with RGB LED headers and digital LED. It supports dual PCIe Gen 2, dual 802 11AC Wi-Fi (Intel Ethernet LAN), and 4 DIMMs.

Best motherboard for i7 9700k

As we saw in our review of best motherboard for i7-9700K it’s attracted tons of attention with its 8 cores running at 4.90GHz. It offers many power and can be ready to perform most tasks with ease whether you’re looking to play games, streaming, Work or just browse

The Asus Prime Z390-A motherboard is specifically designed to support the eighth and ninth generation of Intel processors.


One of the foremost exciting features is that the AI overclocking. Now you are doing not got to roll in the hay by yourself since the motherboard sets up the proper frequency and voltage. Because of this, you’ll avoid any damage to the components. That’s why it deserves to be at the highest of the list for the simplest motherboard for i7 900k.

Also, there’s the Fan Xpert option that permits you to regulate the temperatures manually. Therefore, you’ll reduce or increase the speed of the fan, counting on the intensity of tasks that you simply are performing.


The GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Ultra is another motherboard that supports both the eighth and therefore the ninth generation of Intel processors.

If you’re looking to urge an SSD drive, then you ought to choose this one since it controls the warmth stemming from the high speed and thus keeping the device intact.

In addition, it also supports DDR4 memories whose speed go up to 4133 MHz. Also, the XMP profiles can alter the memory modules and make them work on the upper speed. Moreover, this enables you to overclock the memory without much effort.

Furthermore, it’s cFosSpeed that permits you to regulate the network quality and maintain low levels of ping. Also, the motherboard has the Wave 2 feature that improves the standard of your wifi signal and therefore the speed can go up to 1.73Gbps.


This motherboard may be a great start line for each gamer since it supports both the eighth and ninth generation of Intel CPUs.

If you’re into overclocking then this motherboard was made for you since it allows you to squeeze all MHz from your CPU. The 5-Way Optimization enables you to possess every aspect in check, from storage to audio. If that’s not enough, you’ll always try the more advanced ROG UEFI BIOS.

Aura Sync may be a great feature for each quite personalization which will come to your mind. Also, you’ll be ready to play with a good array of colours of the RGB lighting.

Moreover, it provides you with top-notch audio for the last word gaming experience. SupremeFX aims to maximize the potential of the S1220 codec for an off-the-chart signature sound. Also, the front-panel has dual op amps which will improve the general sound quality.


The MSI MPG Z390 motherboard provides you with excellent audio experience because of the ALC1220 audio processor.

In addition, the EMI-shielded HD audio processors ensure equal quality both within the rear and front connectors. Also, due to the separated layers, the sound quality is that the same for both audio channels.

Moreover, Nahimic 3 gives you complete control over the general sound performance. it’s a user-friendly UI which improves the 3D game surround sound.

Also, you’ll ditch that annoying loud sound once you plug in/out devices with the Audio Boost protection.

If you’re trying to find the simplest possible sound quality for gaming, Audio Boost sets the acceptable impedance for the headphones — up to 600Ω.

It also has the most recent Intel Wi-Fi/Bluetooth feature that utilizes the MU-MIMO technology, which allows the speed to travel up to 1.73Gbps. Moreover, the MSI Gaming LAN Manager allows you to vary the network traffic priority. Therefore, you’ll get even more FPS for gaming.


Although EVGA is more famous for his or her graphics cards, the corporate decided to hitch the motherboard\ market, too. As a result, they launched a product that supports both the eighth and ninth generation of Intel CPUs.

It has Realtek ALC1220 7.1 Channel HD Audio that gives you with a high-quality sound performance which suggests that you simply don’t need a further sound card.

The Killer DoubleShot Pro allows you to attach to the web through both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Therefore, you’ve got the simplest possible speed in the least times and you are doing not got to worry that lag will interrupt your gaming experience.

Moreover, they weren’t that curious about following everyone else’s footsteps. As a result, their motherboard doesn’t have RGB lighting. However, if you would like it, you’ll install it on your own thanks to the built-in RGB headers.

Best x570 motherboard

The 3rd gen Ryzen lineup of CPUs brings multithreaded performance and high single-core clock speeds, unlocked motherboards and CPUs, high-quality cooling solutions out of the box, and overall better value.

When you’re buying a motherboard that’s getting to run high-frequency RAM and plan on overclocking your processor, it’s important to buy for high-quality products. Good, gaming-designated motherboards have better power delivery, providing XMP profiles for your RAM (a technology which allows you to run your RAM at high frequencies with a couple of clicks), and allowing you to succeed in good, stable overclocks on your CPU and GPU.

Ryzen’s success wasn’t a secret, yet until Gen 3 processors were launched, Intel still had superiority when it came to high-end, enthusiast-oriented products. The Ryzen 3000 series addressed these issues, AMD outperforms Intel’s CPUs in both single and multicore tasks on both low and high-end chips. That being said, the sole thing that’s keeping you from switching your CPUs is your motherboard. Let’s take a glance at 5 of the best X570 motherboard that you simply can purchase in Q4 2019. You’ll notice that our picks are limited to gaming-designated products.

While the aesthetic may be a bit eccentric if you’re going for the clean, business look, you ought to know that gaming-branded components are built using better materials and have more safety and utility features included, supplying you with a far better user experience.MSI may be a superstar within the gaming industry.

Their line features motherboards with solid power delivery, an excellent industrial design with the Carbon series, GPUs with beefy heatsinks, copper tubing, and reliable fans, and more. With such a lot experience within the PC component segment, they’re sure to manufacture high-quality motherboards.

The MSI X570 Ace may be a great choice for any PC enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on building a strong battleship for dominating your online foes or you’re speccing out a replacement workstation, the Ace motherboard has you covered. With 4 DIMMs, the Ace can house up to 128 GB of RAM, running at frequencies as high as 4600 MHz.

The MSI Click Bios 5 allows you to configure your XMP profiles, ensuring that your RAM is stable and overclocked, gives you full command over the RGB lighting, gives you real-time info about your storage and fans, and allows you to configure all of those things with just a couple of clicks. you furthermore may have a flashback button on the rear , ensuring that your motherboard doesn’t get bricked when trying to update your BIOS.

With support for both 2nd and 3rd generation Ryzen processors, it is sensible to shop for this board regardless of what AM4 CPU you’re buying. the general build quality is stellar, and as you’ll surmise from the feature section, it’s a fully-fledged and many of expansion capabilities. The 2.5 Gbps LAN port and therefore the high-speed Wifi offer you access to ultra-high-speed internet, something you’ll got to refill your PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSDs.With support for both Crossfire and SLI, multi-GPU builds are possible and encouraged.

Overclocking is additionally encouraged, the motherboard having good cooling solutions built-in, strong and stable power delivery, features which will get you on the leaderboards in any benchmarking software.

With a black and gold finish, RGB lighting and support for MSI Mystic Light, the MEG X570(best x570 motherboard) Ace motherboard can make your PC into a piece of art. Detect the proper fans and peripherals and build a no-compromise build.

Best motherboard for i7 8700k

Do you want to create a replacement gaming PC with Core i7 8700k and need to understand which is that the best motherboard for i7 8700k?

If your answer is yes then read this guide. Here I even have reviewed and compared the simplest and best motherboard for i7 8700k which are available within the market.

In this guide, I even have chosen boards from the highest 3 hottest brands Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte. I even have never bought and built my PC using Asrock motherboard that’s why Asrock motherboards aren’t in my list. I’m unsure but I heard that Asrock BIOS aren’t good and after sales service is additionally not great. But, If you wish their boards then definitely you’ll choose Asrock.

According to my test and research, these boards are good for overclocking with great cooling features and every one motherboards support Intel 8th and 9th generation processors.

In this post, I even have reviewed the Z390 chipset based motherboard. I even have updated this post on January 2019, previously I had reviewed Z370 chipset based boards. I don’t recommend you to shop for Z370 chipset motherboard anymore. But, if you get an honest deal and if it’s available then you’ll choose.

Now, let me mention what you would like to understand before buying a replacement motherboard for your new gaming PC. If you already skills to settle on an honest motherboard then you’ll ignore this and let’s jump to our motherboard list and reviews.

CPU Compatibility: the primary thing you would like to form sure whether the motherboard is compatible together with your CPU or not. During this post, I even have listed only Intel Z390 chipset motherboards which are compatible with Intel 8th and 9th generation processors.

Form Factor: the primary thing you ought to decide is that the form factor of the motherboard you’re trying to find. Form Factor, in other words, might be simply defined because the size of the merchandise you’re trying to find. ATX and Micro ATX, and Extended ATX motherboards are the mostly used Form Factors. If you’re unaware of the dimensions you would like, try comparing with the products available with the older one you’d use to urge a good idea.

RAM: The important specification you ought to anticipate to be that the RAM of the motherboard. Motherboards which will handle a minimum of 16GB Ram are generally recommended for a minimum guarantee of smooth functioning.

Socket: subsequent thing you ought to lookout of is processor sockets. LGA, PGA, and BGA are the foremost available ones within the market so choose consistent with your needs and budget.

PCI Slots: to attach expansion cards PCI slots should be there in your motherboard. Consistent with your requirements, you ought to choose the motherboard with supported extension slots. If you’re buying motherboard compatible for gaming purposes, you ought to buy one supporting a PCI slot with a minimum of x16 slot.

Features of the motherboard: Some motherboards accompany onboard audio features. So, while buying one, it’s fine if the merchandise has inbuilt features like that so you would like not need to worry about it later. Also adding such features into your motherboard in prior may because you expense but will reduce the necessity of PCI slots to an extent.

SATA Ports: The SATA ports during a motherboards helps you to attach to external optical drives and storage drives like SSD and HDD. So before buying a motherboard, confirm that it’s all the SATA ports that assist you to attach all the required drives.

Best motherboard for ryzen 9 3900x

The best motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900X is that the penultimate 3rd gen Ryzen CPU from AMD, topped only by the 16-core/32-thread Ryzen 9 3950X. This 12-core CPU excels at productivity tasks but it’s also pretty good gaming CPU, and it’ll only recover at games once next-gen consoles begin and developers start optimizing games for more cores and threads.

AMD rates the Ryzen 9 3900X at 105 watts. This suggests you’ll need a top quality board for this CPU. The great news is that there are several budget models with quality enough VRM which will support this CPU. Of course, there’s a bunch of X570 models which will fit the bill but we sifted through the offering and included the simplest picks on this list. We’ve also found a top quality mATX board and a few of fantastic Mini-ITX motherboards.

Just remember that, ultimately, it all comes right down to features. Some quality B450 boards are enough for the 3900X but they typically don’t accompany advanced features. Stuff like three M.2 slots, support for 128 GB of memory, support for ultra-fast memory, Flash BIOS and Clear CMOS options, armored M.2 slots, a bunch of heat sinks covering most of the board, flashy RGB, high-end audio section, SLI support and three PCIe x16 slots, PCIe 4.0 support, or well-populated back panel.

If you don’t need a bunch of M.2 and SATA slots, if you’re fine with heat sinks covering only the VRM and chipset, and if you don’t care about Crossfire and SLI, inspect boards featured during this section.

Don’t forget to ask the vendor to update the BIOS for you just in case you accompany a B450 or X470 board. Some older boards have Flash BIOS feature, allowing users to put in new BIOS without hooking up the CPU.

Best x570 motherboard for Gaming

AMD’s most recent line of Ryzen processors, the Ryzen 3000 arrangement, propelled July 7, and they’ve been creating a ton of buzz among PC gaming fans and building devotees the same.

To celebrate and get ready for this dispatch of fresh out of the box new CPUs, a few motherboard producers have chosen to dispatch spic and span sheets explicitly intended for the Ryzen 3000s and their new chipset. Luckily, for anybody not ready to update their motherboard when picking a cutting edge Ryzen, the new CPUs despite everything utilize an AM4 space and are perfect with the last couple ages of motherboards, as well.

Be that as it may, for those ready to give a first class reception for their new processor, we’ve arranged a rundown of the absolute best new X570 motherboards coming out close by the Ryzen 3000, in no specific request.

Here are seven of the best x570 motherboard AM4 attachment sheets to browse.

Best Motherboard For i7 9700k

Best motherboard for i7 9700k. Propelled only half a month prior toward the beginning of October, the Core i7-9700K is Intel’s most recent section into the very good quality work area processor advertise. While the really 8-center 9700K is a genuine advance up from the quad-center 7700K from a couple of years back, Intel’s choice to forego hyperthreading and limit the 9700K to a similar 8 strings is confounding, best case scenario.

In another baffling unforeseen development, the 9700K is as yet based on a similar 14nm lithography as even Intel’s i7-6700K from 2015, even while AMD is planning to dispatch 7nm-based CPU’s in Q1 of one year from now.

All things considered, the Core i7-9700K speaks to a redesign from a year ago’s 8700K: by refining their dated 14nm procedure considerably further, Intel has figured out how to pack 2 all the more obvious centers into the 9700K and expanded the CPU’s lift clock from 4.7 to 4.9 GHz, all while keeping up a year ago’s 95W TDP.

Regardless of these couple of disillusionments, the 9700K is scarcely eclipsed by its older sibling, the i9-9900K, as the single-strung execution ruler, and ties the i9 in gaming benchmarks, as per TechSpot’s survey.

In case you’re a gamer redesigning from a 3 or 4-year-old CPU and searching for the most elevated conceivable FPS, the i7-9700K is an incredible purchase. Obviously, close by your fresh out of the box new CPU, you’ll need another 300-arrangement motherboard to house it.

While the 9700K is good with Intel’s H310, B360, H370, Z370, and Z390 chipsets, we certainly wouldn’t suggest anything outside of the Z370 and Z390, as lower chipsets don’t bolster a large number of the 9700K’s notable highlights, such as overclocking. Here you read best motherboard for i7 9700k.

Motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600

In best motherboard for ryzen 5 2600, before utilizing your new AMD Ryzen 2600 processor, you’ll need a bolstered AM4 motherboard. I’ve gathered together a portion of my top selects to take full advantage of the processor, in any case with respect to whether you want to overclock.

There’s even another X570 motherboard here on the off chance that you plan on updating sometime in the future.

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